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Beeing an AWB-affiliate representing the Linzer Astronomical Society - LAG / AUSTRIA I am happy to report the following event at my hometown Linz in Upperaustria.

13. Nov. 2010 LIVE WEBCAST

Together with some friends of LAG (Astronomical Society of Linz) we watched the first historic online "Living Legend Webcast Event" featuring the worldwide known John Dobson. Popularizer of the telescope design that now bears his name.

Read his biography at Wikipedia HERE

Having internet connection and using the Browser in addition with  Adobe-Connect-software people around  the world could see and hear John Dobson and they could ask him questions.

Mike Simmons (president of AWB) was reading the online questions from his IPad and asked John ....

....... who was live answering all our questions patiently. Thanks for this to John !

It was really a pleasure and a big honor to take part in this event !

For example one of our asks:

"John, what's true about the story you have been sleeping, using a sleepingbag, in your big telescopes ?"

He confirmed this story to be true, for example in his big 22'' telescope. You can believe it and understand why, if you see following picture ;-)

...... there was simply no other place to sleep :-)

Of course, we had some technical problems during this first webcast, especially the possibility to give a question via live videostream did'nt really work. So we used the classic chat line to put some questions. Sometimes we had big problems with sound too   .........

  ;-) but we did the best in respect of this circumstances.

Thanks to AWB for this great idea, and thanks to all who made these things happen !






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